Weird Sisters

A month ago, we were able to prepare a photoshoot for some items of my Witching Hour collection. Our inspiration was… well, obvious: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

I called upon Monica & Océane for the makeup, two students from the makeup school Acte Académie. Claire & Mathilde agreed to play along and to put on the dresses I had unearthed for the occasion.

Once they had finished with the makeup, there was nothing for it but to take the car and go to the nearest forest to take the pictures. But that was without taking into account the very bad weather. During the three-hour preparation, we witnessed the hail of big snowflakes (“well that could still look pretty on the photos” was what I said to reassure myself) then there were the rain showers, and to finish with, drizzle and bitter wind. I still had the images of Elodie in my mind, freezing to death in the cold snow during our last photoshoot, so we decided to stay indoors.

Then I had to trust the magic of editing to bring that final touch to the whole shoot, the atmosphere. Here is the result of this photoshoot that didn’t go as planned.

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